PO Box 1025 / 8100 State Route 104, Oswego, NY 13126

Mission Statement
Deerslayer Bowman's Association, Inc.

As Written in Certificate of Incorporation

The purpose for which the Deerslayer Bowman's Association was
formed is:

To promote and encourage the sport and art of archery; to promote and encourage and participate in trials and competitions in archery, and the shooting of arrows by means of bows; to promote and encourage and carry on hunting of wild animals by bow and arrows; and to carry on and engage in the sport of archery in any form; to own, lease and have possession of real property for any of the activities connected with the sport of archery; to provide for the mutual assistance, enjoyment, entertainment and improvement of the club's members, socially and physically by encouraging them and assisting them in any form of the sport of archery; to do all things necessary to further such purposes; to do and perform all and everything which may be necessary, advisable or suitable and proper for the conduct of business of said corporation, and for the purpose of carrying out the objects heretofore expressed; and to exercise all implied powers and rights in the conduct of the business which the corporation may possess.